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Don't see your question here? Feel free to call us anytime at 432-530-7078.Truck illustration hauling the acronym "FAQ," for the Frequently Asked Questions of Oden Transport, such as oil and gas equipment hauling, and tractor and farm equipment hauling.

1. What is your service area?

Oden Transport serves the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas. Have a need farther out? Please call us!

2. Do you move farm equipment?

Absolutely! We understand the needs of farmers and the particular care your equipment requires. Whether it's the latest sophisticated tractor or an irrigation rig, we can move it for you. We serve the Texas Panhandle, West Texas, and all Central and East Texas areas up through Kansas corn and wheat country.

3. I need earth moving equipment hauled. Can you do this?

Yes! We are heavy equipment hauling experts, and will provide the services you need. Whether it's a single bulldozer or your entire construction site fleet, you can depend on Oden Transport.

4. Do you haul oil field equipment?

Yes - we specialize in the needs of the oil and gas industry, and have helped customers throughout the region. From the Permian Basin area of Midland and Odessa in Texas, to Stephens County in Oklahoma, we are your dependable transport service!

5. I have a smaller load that needs to get on the road. Do you do hot shot transport?

We sure do - we have a flexible fleet of vehicles and trailers to serve small and intermediate loads, whether they're going 50 miles or 500 miles away. Call us today!