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Large oversized pipes being hauled in West Texas near Lubbock and Amarillo, like the services offered by Oden Transport.

Materials Hauling Expertise

Oden Transport has the expertise, truck and trailers to haul any load, large or small. We specialize in oversized and heavy load hauls for a huge array of materials.

Whether it's a one-time load or something you need on a regular or semi-regular basis, Oden Tranport will serve your needs. Feel free to call us today to discuss your project.

Example Materials

The potentials are endless, but a few of the more common materials we can haul for you include:


Gravel, pebbles and other aggregate, whether construction materials or refuse.


Dirt, caliche and similar excavated soil.


Cast or formed steel, girders and similar large construction components.


Rubble, bulk stone, busted concrete and other heavy load materials.


Bricks, cinder blocks, cast concrete mouldings and other heavy, large forms.


Construction materials of all kinds, including oversized items.

Questions? Need to schedule a job?

Please contact us anytime to schedule your haul or to discuss your project's particular needs.


Dirt being loaded into a hauler dump truck, like the service offered in Lubbock and Amarillo by Oden Transport.